Lunchtime Curriculum

At Rowner Junior School, we are very proud of our amazing lunchtime curriculum.  The activities and games included during the lunch hour promote learning through play; where our pupils develop their understanding of how their bodies work, how to stay healthy and the importance of exercise.

There is a wide range of carefully chosen activities which promote resilience. The grounds are split into zones which target different skills and require our pupils to problem solve and work in collaboration with their peers. Our activities stimulate curiosity and provide learners with the opportunity to challenge themselves and take risks safely.

As an all-weather school, our pupils are regularly seen in wellington boots and waterproofs, splashing about in the puddles and mud. Such adventurous activities have helped us to grow a community of confident and curious learners who engage in purposeful talk and communication outside the classroom. We have a high ratio of adults who support at lunchtime which helps us to ensure pupil safety and well-being is high. 

Zone Possible equipment
Team building Tug of war, sound ball and blind folds, red caterpillar, bucket blast, team races, agility run
The Woods Build a den, hide and seek, reading, Andy Goldsworthy art, tree climbing
Circus Skills Stilts, diablos, spinning plates, juggling balls, foot cycles, chalk
Quiet– construction K–nex, lego, connectors, giant playing cards, giant tower (jenga)
Balance Balance boards, pogo sticks, space hoppers, balance bowls, bungee jumpers, lolo balls, bum boards.
Sport Rounders, cricket, kwik cricket, basketball, netball, football
Team games Parachute, hula hoops,