Aims, Ethos & Vision

At Rowner Junior School we work successfully together to achieve excellence in all we do. We pride ourselves on growing learners, leaders and citizens and equipping our children with the tools necessary to be successful in their futures.

Growing learners

Through purposeful, engaging and exciting learning opportunities we ensure that all members of our school community are ambitious and set themselves challenging goals.  Our learner values support us to achieve our goals.  Emphasis is placed on acquiring the English and mathematical skills necessary to be successful lifelong learners.

We provide a language rich curriculum which enables us to develop our ability to express ourselves and communicate effectively.  We aim to develop enquiring minds by providing purposeful learning experiences which enable us to find out about other places, cultures, religions and people.  Pupils are equipped with the knowledge and ability to be fit, healthy and safe in all areas of their life.

Growing leaders

All members of our school community are expected to be leaders. Pupils experience choices in their learning and as part of the school council as well as opportunities to reflect, assess and set next steps for their learning. Teachers are encouraged to lead learning in their classrooms, exploring different ways of improving outcomes for pupils and deploying support staff effectively.  The governing body hold the headteacher of the school to account, challenging and supporting to ensure all pupils have the opportunity to succeed.

Growing citizens

In an environment of mutual respect we develop confidence and self-esteem through praise, encouragement and nurturing.  We are all responsible for the safety, security and enjoyment of our school.  Pupils, parents, staff and governors work as a team to improve outcomes for all children.  We all have a voice in our school and feel that we are listened to.